Ann Lee
Character Name: Ann Lee


Gender: Female

Main Nemesis:



9462 Mummie
  • 9467 Ghost Train

Ann Lee is one of the Monster Fighters. Her main nemesis are the Ghosts.


Ann has sand blue legs printed with a clove a garlic, and a belt. Her torso is white, and printed with a sand blue desk, a red and white bodice, a white collar, and a silver necklace. She has white arms, and yellow hands. Her face is printed with a contented expression, and she has brown hair with a crossbow blot stuck in it.


Ann Lee is a monster‐bashing broomstick fighter ready for anything. I discovered Ann while looking for a pilot brave enough to chart a course into the monster realm. She was there in the aircraft hanger, secretly practicing the lost art of broomstickajitzu. The Ghost Train’s ghoulish conductor won’t see this high‐flying threat until it’s too late.


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