Frank Rock
Character Name: Frank Rock


'On the Edge'
Gender: Male

Main Nemesis:

The Swamp Creature


9461 The Swamp Monster
  • 9467 Ghost Train

Frank Rock is a Monster Fighter and his main nemesis is The Swamp Creature.


Frank has olive green legs, printed with metal patches on the knees, and a belt on the hip area. He has a brown torso printed with a battered aviator's jacket, and a spotted white shirt. His hands and arms are yellow. He has a yellow face printed with sunglasses, a cocky grin, some stubble, and a scar, and he has thick black hair.


Frank Rock is a motorcycle-­‐riding rebel out for revenge. I found this wheelie-­‐popping wanderer traveling in search of his missing dog – believed to be stolen by slimy ghouls. With the swamp boat, pistols and a manly painted-­‐on beard, the Swamp Creature had better head for dry land... and hide.