Jack McHammer
Character Name: Jack McHammer


The backwoods of Scotland…or possibly Canada
Gender: Male

Main Nemesis:

The Monster



Jack McHammer is a minifigure from the theme, Monster Fighters. His main nemesis is The Monster.


He is strong. Jack's Sand Blue legs are printed to resemble jeans with knee-pads, pockets, and belt printing on the hip. He has a green torso, printed with a plaid green shirt and a leather jacket. He has one green arm with a yellow hand, and one robotic arm, similar to the one used by Dr. Inferno and the Alien Cyborg. His yellow face in printed with dark orange eyebrows, mustache and beard, and has a concerned expression. He wears a flat hat, and carries a large hammer.


Jack McHammer is a burly lumberjack, built like the trunk of an oak. Jack never leaves home without his hammer and manly red beard. When I came upon this plastic giant I knew I had just the match for the Frankenstein’s Monster.