Major Quinton Steele
Character Name: Major Quinton Steele


Safaraway, Africa
Gender: Male

Main Nemesis:

The Werewolf



Major Quinton Steele is a minifigure from the LEGO theme, Monster Fighters. His main nemesis is The Werewolf.


Major Quinton Steele has tan legs printed with a holster, some teeth on a ring, and a belt on the hip. His tan torso is printed with many pockets, as well as an ammo belt and a scrap of parchment. His face is yellow, and is printed with a white mustache and a green robotic eye. He wears a white pith helmet.


Major Quinton Steele is an old‐fashioned hunter with a thirst for exotic prey and his claw on the trigger. The Major and I were introduced when he began searching for a new hunting challenge…in places where few other minifigures dared to go. Armed with valuable weapons, telescopic vision and nerves as steely as his name, the Werewolf won’t be wagging his tail for very long.